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Marshall Islands Visitors Authority 
This site has tourist information about what the Marshalls has to offer a tourist coming to the Marshall Islands.

linksimgThe Bikini Atoll Home Page
Check out the Bikini Atoll home page for all the information you need to know about the Bikinian People, their islands, their history, nuclear testing, the ships in the lagoon, and tourism opportunities on Bikini Atoll.



rreRobert Reimers Enterprises Home Page
One of the biggest businesses in the Marshall Islands, RRE offers a hotel, diving tours to Bikini, Mili, Arno and Jaluit Atolls, shopping centers, and much, much more.


mirMarshall Islands Resort
Formerly the Outrigger Marshall Islands Resort, now under new management. Expect the same quality of service at their first class restaurant and hotel.


yokweonlineYOKWE ONLINE
All the news and information about the Marshall Islands. This is probably the best web site about the Marshall Islands. If you need to know anything about the RMI, this web site, which is updated constantly, is by far your best bet.


journal Marshall Islands Journal
The independent weekly Marshall Islands Journal is the country’s only newspaper. The Journal has been bringing news to the people of the RMI since 1970 without interruption, and is the country’s best source of up-to-date news, comment and what’s happening around town

ami Air Marshall Islands [AMI]
The Marshall Islands, mere flecks on the vast Pacific Ocean, conjure up flashes of memory for many people. Kwajalein, Enewetak, Bikini. These tiny atolls with musical names, sites of World War II history and post-war controversy, now available to visit and explore courtesy of AIRMarshall Islands.

alele The Alele Museum of the Marshall Islands and the Historical Preservation Office
The Alele Museum is located in Majuro. The Historical preservation Office is also in Majuro and is funded by the government.


bomi The BOMI Website
The Bank of the Marshall Islands, known as "The Marshallese Bank," was chartered in the Republic of the Marshall Islands on November 8, 1982. It has been providing commercial banking services since that time. It is a full service bank with an expanding number of branches located in the Republic of the Marshall Islands

The College of the Marshall Islands

Information about the College of the Marshall Islands including news, their calendar, library, departments, personnel manual, student center, profile, catalog and employment opportunites.