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P.O. Box 175, Majuro, Marshall Islands MH 96960
Phone: (692) 625-3101, Fax: (692) 625-4570, Email:


This is to inform the public that MISSA have started conducting a beneficiary screening in order to identify beneficiaries who may:

  • no longer qualify for continued benefits as they may have passed away (for all beneficiaries).
  • have remarried (for surviving spouses); have married (for surviving  children).   
  • have found gainful work/employment (for medical retirees).
  • have stopped going to school (for surviving children aged 18 to 22 years).
  • have left the RMI permanently (for non-citizens).
  1. Starting January 4, 2016, a two-page questionnaire shall be made available at the MISSA Offices in Majuro and Ebeye.  For those living off-island, the same form may also be downloaded from the MISSA website by clicking on Forms, then choose Questionnaire on beneficiary screening. For off-island beneficiaries with mailing addresses, MISSA shall mail them the form. MISSA shall also coordinate with the RMI offices in Honolulu and U.S. mainland to assist Marshallese retirees living in nearby areas.

  2. For those living in Majuro and Ebeye, the completed questionnaire and valid identification cards with their pictures, current addresses and contact numbers shown in the cards (i.e. passport, state ID, driver’s license) must be submitted in person to MISSA on or before the release of their January 2016 benefits. The January benefit checks will be ready for distribution on January 25th.  Failure to do so may result to MISSA putting on-hold their benefit checks for the month of January 2016 and succeeding months. If off-island, the completed survey form, together with a colored photocopy of a valid photo ID may be mailed to MISSA, P.O. Box 175, Majuro, Marshall Islands MH 96960. A copy of the survey form together with a scanned colored copy of his/her valid photo ID will be accepted and may be emailed to Don’t send the photo ID by FAX.

  3. On-island beneficiaries who cannot report to MISSA in person due to serious sickness, being bed-ridden or too-old, and for any reasons should notify MISSA. A MISSA representative may come to visit them. For those living in the outer islands, a medical certificate signed by a local doctor or government official may be accepted or they may call NTA so that MISSA may be notified.

  4. All off-island beneficiaries who fail to provide MISSA with the completed questionnaire and valid IDs by March 31, 2016 will have their April 2016 benefits put on hold until this requirement is complied with. Further, if MISSA will not receive such information by December 31, 2016, the Administration may permanently stop paying their benefits.

  5. To identify beneficiaries who may have passed away but continue to receive benefits, MISSA shall undertake a thorough review of the death registry of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Health and the Outer Island Dispensary System. Once a beneficiary is confirmed to have died, MISSA shall immediately stop his/her benefits. MISSA shall also give a cash reward to any person who will provide information that will lead to the discovery of fraudulent acts of relatives of deceased beneficiaries who are scheming to continue to receive MISSA benefits after the death of the beneficiaries; surviving spouses and children who may have remarried or married, respectively; medical retirees who have recovered from disability and are already working. Any information received by MISSA from informants shall be treated with strict confidentiality.

  6. In the event that a beneficiary fails to cash his/her benefit checks for six (6) consecutive months, subsequent benefits shall be suspended until the beneficiary personally reports to MISSA or provides evidence (acceptable to MISSA) of his/her being alive.

For further information, please contact our Claims Department at 625-3101 or our Ebeye office at 329-3788. All beneficiaries concerned are enjoined to cooperate and comply with these guidelines to avoid delay in the release of their benefit checks.


Kojela Kojela !!

Kojela nan aolep bwe Marshall Is. Social Security Administration (MISSA) eo ej karoñ aolep bwe emoj an ijino kõmane jerbal in kakõlkõl ko ñan kajojo ro rej ebõk aer kõllá im romaroñ in:

  • bõjrak aer kõllá bwe emoj aer mej ak jako jen mour in
  • ñe kora/emman eo emoj aer bar koba ak ebelele
  • rinañinmej ak medical retiree ro emõj aer bar rool im jerbal
  • rijikuul ro ebõjrak aer jikuul im ro  emoj aer koba ak ebelele
  1.  Ilo naj allõñ in January, 2016 man waj, aolep rikolla ro ilo Majuro im Ebeye jimor ren jibadrok office ko im jino ami kanne pepa kain elap aer aorok nan komani jerbal in kakõlkõl ko nan aolep rikolla ro an MISSA. Jouj im boktok passport, ID, im ne ejjab driver’s license eo am. Konmenin, aolep ro rej ebok aer kolla jen bank ko im P.O Box ko rej aikuj in jibadrok lok office kein im kanne pepa kein.  Ne kwejjab maron in kanne pepa kein, MISSA enaj drebij kolla eo/ko am mae iien eo konaj riboot nan office ko im kanne pepa in ba kake. Ne kwejab maron kõn utamwe im naninmej ko, jouj im kojelaik tok office ko nan an rejerbal ro jibidrõk waj eok.

  2. Nan ro rej bed ilikin Majol in, pepa in maron in download i ak boke jen website ne an MISSA iomwin Forms, Questionnaire, im beneficiary screening. Ne edede lok am download i pepa in, jouj im kanne im scan e im email i tok nan Ibben tok pepa in, copy in passport, state ID, driver’s license eo am im rej aikuj itok ilo color im jab black and white.  MISSA enaj drebij kolla eo/ko am mae iien eo konaj komani tok pepa in ba kake.

  3. Nan ro ilo outer island ko, jouj im kojelaik to kem ilo NTA ak 65 Majuro im ne kwj jab maron kon un kein, naak makitkit im  naninmej ko jet, jouj im lale ne Health assistance eo ne emaron kojelaik tok kem ilo office kein ilo awa im raan in jerbal ko.

  4. MISSA kio enaj lelok nebar nan armej eo enaj ripoot e tok ribelele ro rej kolla ak emoj aer bar koba, rejikuul ro rej kolla ak emoj aer bar koba, im eliktata renanmej ak medical ro rej kolla ak emoj aer bar jino jerbal.  Ilo January 25, 2016 kolla ko renaj bojak nan ami buki ilo office ko.  Nan ro rej ebok aer kolla jen P.O Box ko, jouj im etal nan ko an MISSA im buki kolla ko ami.

Nan kajitok ko jabdrewot, jouj im call e tok nomba kein  Maj 625-3101;  Ebeye 329-3788.


Kommol tata!

Saane K. Aho
MISSA Administrator