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Yokwe! Majuro local time is:

April 25-27, 2016 • International Convention Center • Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands

Pacific Financial Technical Assistance Center (PFTAC) eo, kobalok ippen International Monetary Fund (IMF) Expenditure Policy Division im Bank of Marshall Islands, naaj komman im tol juon workshop ak iien ekkatak jen Eprol 25 nan 27 raan, 2016, ioon Majuro nan konono kake apan ko rejelet social security eo im kolla an retiree ro im rej jelmae Marshall Is-lands, Federated States of Micronesia, im Republic of Palau, im nan pu-kot uwaak ko nan apan kein.

Mottan ro renaaj kobatok ilo iien in ej ro rej itok ilo etan Compact Coun-try Social Security and Civil Ser-vice Pension Funds, im bareinwot Finance Ministry ko an lal kein jilu. MISSA emoj an bar kur tok actu-ary im investment consultant ro nan aer letok kapeel im jela ko aer kake eddo ko an MISSA kake jeen ko ej loloorjaki, kake jekjek in world mar-ket eo kio, im kake ilju im jaklaj eo an MISSA ilo an invest ak kojerbal jeen ilo lal ko tulikin Marshall Islands.

Elikin ekkatak in (Eprol 28), MISSA enaaj kommane juon kweilok ippen business ko, NGO ko, diplomat corp eo, retiree ro, im ro emoj kur er im renaaj itok ilo etan aolep armej in jukjukin ped ko nan konono kake apan ko kio ikijjeen jerbal in jeen me rejelet Administration eo im nan ejaak jet bunton ko im renaaj jipan Retirement Fund eo ilo juon tore eo eaitok.

Ilo Eprol 29, Administration eo enaaj kommane juon iien konono ippen President eo, im ro uwaan Cabinet im Nitijela nan bar aliji kajjitok ko kake kien ko im renaaj kajimwe jet apan ko ilo social security system eo an aelon kein. Enaaj bar juon iien eo emman nan an MISSA kwalok kadkad in bunton ko im renaaj jipan MISSA ilo juon tore eo eaitok.

Nan koppopo nan iien ekkatak in, MISSA ej jerbal ippen Secretary of Fi-nance im ro jet jen opiij ko jet an Cabinet, Nitijela, Chief Secretary, MIVA, im Public Service Commission eo.

Nan melele ko rellaplok, kepaak Ave Gimao Jr. ilo (692) 625-3101 ak (692) 455-1959, ak email e ilo
The Pacific Financial Technical Assistance Center (PFTAC), in coopera-tion with the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Expenditure Policy Di-vision and the Bank of the Marshall Islands, will sponsor and facilitate a workshop on April 25-27, 2016 in Majuro to discuss the social security issues and pension challenges facing the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia and Republic of Palau, and explore optional solutions

Participants will include represen-tatives of Compact Country Social Security and Civil Service Pension Funds, as well as Finance Ministries of the three countries. MISSA has also invited its actuary and invest-ment consultants to share their own assessment of MISSA’s accrued li-abilities, the current world market conditions and future outlook of MISSA’s offshore investments.kajur

After the workshop (April 28), MIS-SA will sponsor an open forum with the business community, NGO’s, diplomatic corps, retirees and invit-ed representatives from the general public to discuss the current finan-cial challenges that the Administra-tion is facing and present a num-ber of restructuring options that will bring long-term sustainability to the Retirement Fund.

On April 29, the Administration will have a dialogue with the President, Cabinet and Nitijela members to re-iterate its appeal for legislations that will correct certain loopholes in the country’s social security system. It will also serve as a good venue for MISSA to introduce restructuring options aimed to ensure long-term plan adequacy.

In preparation for the workshop, MISSA has collaborated with the Secretary of Finance and representatives from the offices of the Cabinet, Nitijela, Chief Secretary, MIVA and the Public Service Commission.

For inquiries and further information, you may contact Ave Gimao Jr. at (692) 625-3101 or (692) 455-1959, or email him at