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Head Office
Marshall Islands Social Security Administration (MISSA)
P.O. Box 175, Majuro
Republic of the Marshall Islands MH 96960
Tel: (692) 625-3101
Fax: (692) 625-4570

Mobile: (692) 455-3101
E-mail: missa3@ntamar.net

Department Email addresses:

Administration: missa3@ntamar.net attn. of Ms. Saane K. Aho, Administrator & CEO

Benefits: missadeputy@ntamar.net attn. of Mr. Bill Joseph, Deputy Administrator & COO

Finance/Corporate Services: missacfo@ntamar.net attn. of Mr. Avelino Gimao, Jr.., Deputy Administrator & CFO

Finance: missafinance@ntamar.net attn. Ms. Amelia Timon, Finance Manager

Claims: missaclaims@ntamar.net attn. of Ms. Emlin Andrike(Claims Manager)or Mr. Stephen Tarbwilin(Claims Specialist)

Accounting: missaacctg@ntamar.net attn. of Mr. Newton Matthew, Chief Accountant

Tax Compliance: missatax@ntamar.net attn. of Mr. Bryan Edejer, Tax Compliance Manager

Tax Audit: missataxaudit@ntamar.net attn. of Ms. Mathilda Lanwi, Tax Audit Manager

I.T.: missait@ntamar.net attn. of Mr. Ivy Langbata, I.T. Manager

Public Information:missaaudit@ntamar.net att. of Mr. Avelino Gimao, Jr., Public Information Consultant


Honolulu Liaison Office
Mr. Justin Lani
Off-Island Coordinator
1888 Lusitana St., Suite 201 
Honolulu, Hawaii 
Phone: (808)636-7849
Fax: (808)524-6499
Email :jlani01@yahoo.com